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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Hawks v. Wizards

    So it was an awesome night. Met JoeJohnson, met Marvin Williams. Can't
    wait til next time. Mobile blog= success. Booyah.

    Warren Hamilton, III

    Joe Johnson

    Celeb spotting

    Spilt milk

    There's no reason for crying over it, so they say. I, on the other
    hand, drank a Baily's shot out of a chocolate shot glass, then
    balanced a moist, warm piece of chocolate "paradise" cake on my arm,
    Gran Marnier margierita in my right hand, and promptly dropped my cake
    on Wallace's carpet. The animosity was palpable. I ate it anyway. 5
    second rule dominates over pomp any day.


    The A-town dancers, a strong representation of the state of
    American... stature, performed during the second quarter. Serious
    reflection into dietary habits ensued.

    Courtside chow-down

    Mr. Breedlove's post winter emergence from hibernation.

    Hawks game

    First mobile blogging attempt-
    Sitting 8 rows up at the Hawks game. Pictures will follow.
    Starting 5 look good, Bibby is back! Wallace, the box bartender's
    making good 'ritas. Pretty solid Tuesday night.

    Warren Hamilton, III