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    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Good 'Ol Story Tellin' Songs

    Undoubtedly, my dad has had a lot of influence on me over the years, for better and for worse. Beside a penchant for cursing and an affinity for cold beer, he managed to pass along a love of music as well. And, although we now have drastically different tastes in music (for the record, he currently loves Diana Krall, Delbert McClinton, Harry Connick, Jr. and most female country/western singers), I grew up listening to and loving Motown and Doo-Wop, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and numerous other staples of my father's youth. Despite our musical divergence in recent years, one lasting impression my early auditory experiences left me with is an appreciation for a good tale of heartbreak, a cheating lover, gambling loss, or alcoholic excess, particularly in the form of an old fashioned country/western ditty. This probably accounts for why, out of the entire catalog, my favorite Grateful Dead song is and always will be "Me and my Uncle".
    Admittedly, I know very little of the much more contemporary artist Blitzen Trapper, but I recognize a good story-song when I hear one, and this one is as good as any I've heard in a while. Give it a listen and tell me if it isn't irresistibly catchy, and manages to be simultaneously modern and a throw-back to the good ol' days where songs didn't have to be about houses, cars, and so on.

    Blitzen Trapper- Black River Killer

    As and added bonus, take a listen to "Me and my Uncle", if you don't know it, or haven't heard it in a while. It's here for your listening pleasure.

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