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    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Adam Asks A Republican

    It should come to no one's surprise that I spend a lot of my down-time listening to podcasts, and one of my favorites is the Adam Carolla Podcast. I've wanted to showcase an episode before, but have had a hard time deciding which one to choose. Also, most of them are over and hour long, and for those of us that put in more than part-time hours, it can be hard to allocate that sort of time to a radio-esque program.
    If you subscribe to Carolla's brand of humor, almost all episodes are guaranteed to please, but I found one that tickled my funnybone in particular. In this episode, Adam interviews Ohio's 19th District Rep. Richard Martin (R) and his wife Jazz. they discuss everything from his jump from the private to public sector, to raising handicapped children. Give it a listen here, or download it off of iTunes. It is definitely entertaining in the most absurd of ways, and vice versa. If you find yourself often defending the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly, you may be offended by this one, but otherwise it is very enjoyable. Conversely, If you find yourself desiring more of the candid politician, you can find it at his website Ask a Republican or search for the same on YouTube. Please enjoy.

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